The Israeli Political Science Index (IPSIX) – Preface

The Israeli Political Science Index (IPSIX) is a groundbreaking system to compile and assess data with regard to both academic units and scholars in the field of Political Science, Public Administration & Policy, and International Relations.

The system aims to be the first of its kind to shed light on the Israeli Political Science community in terms of its fields of study, research progress, and relative performance. More specifically we aim at:

1. Consolidating apposite information with respect to all scholars and departments in Israel into one coherent database and website.

2. Systematically assessing and comprehensively analysing the output of scholars and academic units through existing bibliometric parameters and indices already available in external resources and databases.

3. Establishing the new Haifa Index of Excellence (HIE) that combines different parameters into a single index through a unique formula.

4. IPSIX covers information regarding scholars and academic units outputs, outcomes and excellence, addressing both faculty and graduate students’ performance through various measures: Faculty/Scholars' academic excellence: Scientific publications and citations of books and articles in peer reviewed journals; winnings of major research grants and awards; holding major positions that make significant contribution to academic research and social development by and large.

In addition we also plan to cover Graduate Students' academic excellence: For example, we will cover Unique student-led projects; winnings of major awards; academic publications and involvement in activities promoting research and social development.



IPSIX offers sortable information that facilitates information on and comparison between scholars and academic units.

IPSIX's database draws on various methods to collect information, but the SCOPUS database and self-reports by the relevant departments and scholars are paramount.


IPSIX was established by Prof. Eran Vigoda Gadot from the School of Political Science at the University of Haifa . It is managed by a team of graduate students and supported by an advisory board of senior professors and by the generous resources of the School of Political Science and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Haifa.


Note: SCOPUS data is available since 1996 only. We make an effort to use other resources to cover years prior to 1996 as well. In addition, SCOPUS reports about BOOKS are rather limited and incomplete. We make similar efforts to improve the information about published books using additional sources and databases.

All rights of IPSIX are reserved. IPSIX is a trademark and all rights are reserved to the University of Haifa, School of Political Science. Any use of its platform or Data by a third party should be granted permission in advance. 

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