Why do we need the IPSIX?

IPSIX is currently the only available database aggregating information, knowledge, rankings and data about Political Science in Israel, both at the Individual and at the Institutional levels. Our community is used to work independently, both from a personal and from an institutional point of view. The major goal of IPSIX is to offer a one-stop-shop for knowledge about remarkable developments in the discipline for students, researchers and others who are interested in the core developments, achievements and outcomes in the Israeli Political Science court.  

How can IPSIX help Academics?

IPSIX provides a platform for access to major scientific engines such as SCOPUS, web of science, Google Scholar, Herzing Publish & Perish, Academia.edu. ResearchGate and others. It may help academics search into the outcomes and the performance indicators of colleagues and learn about research capacities and opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaborations. Students who are interested in the specific research fields of a faculty member may seek to join his/he research projects and become graduate students involved in cutting-edge initiatives that promote the discipline of political science, governance, international relations, and public administration & policy forward.

How can IPSIX help Students?

IPSIX may help students get a better understanding of the people behind the names in the discipline. It may help explore their fields of expertise, and their special involvement in innovative projects of the discipline. It may advance understanding of the differences amongst the Israeli departments dealing with political science. It may also explore the various fields of knowledge that the institutions emphasis and offer for undergraduate and graduate students. IPSIX is also a central source of information and access to databases such as SCOPUS, Web of Science, and others.

What type of information is included?

IPSIX offers information about Political Scientists in Israel, their publications, citations and other bibliometric indexes based on the SCOPUS and the Web of Science engines. IPSIX also presents the unique HIE (Haifa Index of Excellence) indicator that combines information about quality and quantity of published research. IPSIX also provides information about the academic units dealing with political science, public administration & policy, and international relations in Israel. It is a source for information about unique achievements of our community members and of our graduate students.

Who is responsible for IPSIX?

A team from the University of Haifa, School of Political Science headed by Prof. Eran Vigoda-Gadot, is responsible for the content, structure and continuous improvement of this project. A Board built up of representatives from major research Universities in the country makes decisions about future development and progress of the project. 

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